The 6 Golden Rules For Landing Your Dream job in One of the Top Malware Analysis Companies
The behind the scenes of how I and my students were able to build our irresistible resumes and work in some of the top malware analysis companies in the world (Like Symantec, TrendMicro and others)
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I'm Amr Thabet. I'm a malware researcher who worked in some of the top security companies such as Symantec. I analyzed multiple nation-state sponsored attacks including the NSA (Stuxnet & Region), North Korea (Contopee) and many other highly advanced attacks.

I have spoken in top security conferences all around the world including DEFCON, VB Conference and others and have been featured in Christian Science Monitor for my work on Stuxnet.

Prior to that, I struggled to get into the field as I was a mechanical engineer graduate. I didn't have the budget to afford expensive certificates to prove my skills. The lack of a degree in computer science or certificates in the field didn't stop me from proving my skills.

As malware analysis is one of most demanded jobs in cybersecurity and with my work on different projects as a proof of my skills, I was able to land my first job in malware analysis and build my career from there to the top.

I faced lots of demotivating voices telling me that I wouldn't be able to make it. And because of that, after my successes, I decided to be the inspiring voice to all enthusiasts starting in malware analysis.

I help students of the field build their knowledge, experience and most importantly, their irresistible resume to land their next malware analysis job. I also help incident handlers and digital forensics investigators take the next step in their career by building their malware analysis skill set and be the expert of their team.
"I'm very grateful to Amr Thabet. With his program, I was able to land my first job in malware analysis after graduation in Trend Micro as a part of their Incident Response Team. Thank you again Amr for your effort in doing this course."
AbdelRahman Yasser
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